Wednesday, November 28, 2012

And yet more fountains

The public works of Rome, many of which date back to 1300-1600 and financed by the Catholic church, are some of the most impressive in the world. In searching for the famous fountains like the Trevi, my friends and I came across many others. Some are hidden like the organic fountain inside the Vatican, visible only with a museum ticket. Others are obscure like the one near the Colosseum, a sheet of rock with ridges, colored by algae and glistening in the setting sunlight. Many are dwarfed by the fabulous attraction they sit next to, and therefore aren't really "seen" by tourists, like the interesting fountain in front of the Pantheon. And one, atop Palatine Hill was once part of Augustus' palace courtyard, and is now filled, not with water, but with flowers.

So here are a few more of the wonderful fountains in Rome:

Very modern fountain near Ponte Cavour

Two Mermen in front of a Roman Temple
along Via della Greca

Ancient 2000 year old fountain pond
in the palace of Augustus.

This boat-like fountain sits at the
bottom of the Spanish Steps

Garibaldi Fountain with
porphyry columns

Organic growth in the middle of
a pond in the Vatican. The constant
drizzle of water keeps the plants
hydrated, eternally.

Small fountain in a garden somewhere....

The marvelous weird fountain
in front of the Pantheon.