Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daily Life

I thought it might be fun to show a few pictures of daily life. Like pumping water.....

How we get water out
of the big glass jug. Notice
the balancing act with the pitcher!
Yesterday was cloudy and by midday it was raining, thundering, lightning and hailing. The air was cold and the streets almost deserted. It was quiet except for the occasional siren. We ran out of water.

Water is delivered in large glass or plastic bottles by large lumbering trucks that come down each street about once very two hours. Each company plays different music: Over the Rainbow, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head, etc. If you want to exchange your empty bottle with a new full one, you must wait outside for the truck, because by the time you hear the music and get out to the stoop, the truck will have already passed.

So this morning, it was quite chilly after yesterdays' storm, and I sat out on the stoop reading a book until my butt was almost frozen to the step. An hour passed before the truck showed up, and it wasn't playing music. It was just luck that I happened to look up and spot it far down the street. If I were one of those drivers, hearing that same music all day long, I wouldn't last three days at the job. It would be a nightmare right up there with "It's a Small World After All" - that hideous ride in Disneyland.

Our bottle is glass, so it's even heavier and more awkward than the plastic ones which have a built-in handle. The strong young driver hopped out and I opened the gate. He lugged that monster bottle up to the house and put it inside. I always tip them at least 5 pesos for that, as they aren't required to do it.

Then Mike and I walked to the Mercado Organica around 10:00. They were just getting set up so we were able to get first crack at the wonderful vegetables and even purchased some whole wheat cookies that have very little sugar and are made from locally grown and roasted cocoa beans. Heavenly.

Just before the hail storm.

Drying vegies.
But, back home, it's always necessary to wash the vegetables and fruits in disinfectant. So here are some photos of life at home.....

Vegies in the disinfectant.

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