Saturday, January 21, 2012


Ah how language changes. I overheard a young man tell someone: lo googliaba. Googlear is the verb for to Google!

And then there are the double entendres. John left Monday for the Oaxacan coast where there is a famous nude beach. In an email I asked if he'd found it, and he replied: Yes, I was hanging out there yesterday, literally.

Yesi and the big pit at Sam's Club.
My search for a teacher goes on. The little tienda, where Edith was supposed to be, was closed yesterday, but today is a new day. Edith is Arnulf's teacher and the one he recommended as a good tutor. Plus, there's Yesi. On Saturday, we'll go over an English story she is supposed to have read, and I'll have my past tenses corrected, again.

We had gone on a search for a goose neck lamp to a shopping center with Sam's Club as it's anchor. The big hole that John almost stepped into back in April, the one I told the store manager about, is still there, filled ever deeper with trash. I can see there was a real effort to warn drivers of its existence.....Can you imagine the damage to your car (not to mention the occupants flying forward) if you dropped a tire directly into that chasm?

And now, about that lamp. Yesterday, Linda came over for lunch. It was a beautiful afternoon, the garden was lovely, the sun was out but it wasn't at all hot. She gave me a tour of her lovely new home, the one she and hubby built after gutting an existing one. Her architect was exceptional. There are curved walls and curved furniture, lots of storage and very dramatic lighting. Their house is just up the street about a block, directly across the street from the house with the hummingbird mural. (See picture in the previous blog) The man in the painting was the father of the current owner. Three years ago, he lived in that house and died suddenly from a bad virus or bacteria in the gut. He went to the hospital with a stomach ache and three days later, left in a hearse. His son painted the mural in homage to his father. A lovely thought, a lovely tribute.

Linda and I walked all through the Centro and eventually found the Tiangis, the place where the organic produce market will be held Saturday morning. Linda and hubby are headed to the beach but her friend Laurie and I will go. The Tiangis (a common word used here for market place) is a large open area inside of a building, with a plastic roof. It's essentially outdoors while being sheltered from the rains. Without Linda pointing it out, I would never have found it on my own.

On the way back, the sun set and all the building were glowing; white, yellow and brown. The densely forested mountains were dark green against the pink and gold sky. It was simply gorgeous. We stopped at a couple of pharmacies to pick up things and passed by a little shop with a huge display of light bulbs just inside the doorway. On a whim, I went in to find......LAMPS!! Not many, but several styles of goose neck lamps, at far more than American prices. But I didn't care. Last night I got to read in bed for the first time, in comfort and joy. The simple things in life. What a pleasure!!